Commercial Roofing MaterialsA leaking roof can be frustrating and costly to fix, however, there is no reason to stress about it because it isn’t impossible. But before you learn how to fix a leaking roof, you need to get to the bottom of the situation to see what’s causing the leak in the first place.

Since it only takes a small hole in your roof for rainwater or snow to come pouring in and leave you with an unsanitary mess in Maryland, here are the most common reasons why your commercial roof is leaking.

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General Issues That Cause Leaky Roofs

Roof Age

An aging roof experiences a whole lot of wear and tear as it undergoes weather changes and extreme climatic conditions, including heat, wind, rain, and snow. This is especially true for Maryland buildings as the state witnesses diverse weather conditions throughout the year.

As commercial roofs age, they get worn down. The cellular linings that provide you with waterproofing abilities get worn down or damaged over time, leading to a leaking roof.

Poor Roof Drainage

Leaks from poor drainage are common for commercial roofs in areas that experience high wind and rain loads. There is a far greater risk of water-saturated substrates in these areas, which further increases the chance of leaks.

Flat roofs in Maryland particularly experience a leaking roof because the water, which is collected atop the roof, doesn’t have a proper outlet. Fortunately, a flat roof leak repair service can help you fix this type of leak in no time. That’s why we specifically offer commercial roof repairs for any building that may need it.

Improperly Sealed Openings

Sealing your roof properly involves more than just plugging holes or painting the surface. That’s why it is possible for your pipes and ducts, which run through the attics, to sometimes be left unsealed. This can allow water to leak into your attic and then cause a leak in your roof.

Utilizing silicone caulk, polyurethane foam, and several other sealants can secure your roof to the point where it has an airtight seal and doesn’t allow any water penetration.

Damaged Roof Membrane

The roofing membrane acts as a barrier between the interior of your building and the outside world. A well-secured membrane can prevent water and moisture from getting in. But when it becomes damaged, you will likely discover leaks in your property.

Our commercial roofing services can help repair or properly install a new commercial roof, including the membrane, so you don’t need to worry about a leaky roof.

Cracked Flashing

metal roof repairSimply put, the flashing protects parts of a building where two other surfaces meet, such as a wall and a roof. If this metal or plastic sheeting fails, water will find its way through the crack and onto your ceiling or walls.

Pipes from tanks, air conditioners ,and water heaters also frequently leak at a joint protected by a piece of flashing. If you see any evidence that staining has reached following these pipes, then you may have to replace the leaking joint with a brand new piece of flashing.

Case-Specific Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks in Maryland

Ice Dams Cause Roof Leaks

Ice dams form on the underlayment of your roof and block the flow of warm air and melt any snow and ice that has built up along the edges. If the water does not go back down through the roof deck, water will pool and run along the surface of the roof until it finds a route to escape – usually through air vents, eaves, or window frames – and eventually enter your property.

Puddle Saturation

Puddle saturation occurs when the surface of your roof absorbs water because it lacks proper drainage and then thus becomes non-absorbent, leading to leakages. This can frequently occur in regions where there are extended periods of heavy rainfall and the roofing system is either not prepared to handle the water or isn’t installed properly. This is why waterproofing a roof is critical.

Incorrect Shingles

Every geographical region demands a different type of roof. For instance, commercial buildings in regions with high levels of humidity can work better with a flat roof more than a gable roof.

But did you know that the type of shingles you choose also affected their condition in the long run? Metal shingles, for example, are better suited for the Maryland weather than wooden is. In fact, metal roof leaking isn’t much of an issue here because these roofs are easier to maintain and are highly durable.

That being said, no matter which shingles you choose, it is essential that it is one that doesn’t just solve your current problem but does so without causing additional ones in future years to come.

Clogged Gutters Cause Roof Leaks

Think of the gutter like the mouth of a bag. When the gutter cannot drain out, it holds up all the remaining water, and eventually, this excessive buildup will force the entire system to leak. This is why roofing companies in Maryland should have gutter knowledge that can help with installing a new roof.

Besides, debris and materials like leaves and twigs can build up in the gutter and cause it to overflow. This overflow will cause water to leak down your shingles and into your office.

Poorly Designed Roofs Lead to Leaks

​​solar panels with metal roof installation for businessesLeaks on your roof are very expensive. The majority of the time they are caused by poor quality workmanship. If your roof is not installed correctly with quality products, you are going to get leakage and that means higher repair and maintenance costs and sometimes even having to replace the whole roof. That’s why you need your roofer to plan your roof design before moving ahead with the installation.

Roof Maintenance to Prevent Leaking Roofs in Maryland

Just like vehicles need regular maintenance, your commercial building’s roof also needs to be maintained. If you don’t give it the tender loving care it needs, you could end up in a heap of trouble – and leaky roofs are just one of the problems that can cost you big in the long run.

Since prevention is better than cure, proactive maintenance is the only way to avoid expensive roof leak repair in Maryland. That means addressing small leaks before they turn into bigger problems and always working with experienced roofers to install your roofing system.

Not only will a professional roofing company keep your roof maintenance costs down but also ensure to take the right measures so that you are protected against future damages.