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For years Southern Maryland Roofing has been installing, maintaining, and repairing commercial roofs in the Lusby Maryland area. We offer premium quality materials for all your roofing needs at affordable pricing. Our roofing teams are certified, fast, friendly, and provide quality service.

When you are looking for a professional, reliable commercial roofing company near the Southern Maryland area, there is no better company to work for you than Southern Maryland Roofing. We serve all counties in Southern Maryland including Calvert County, Charles County, St. Mary’s County, Prince George’s County, and Anne Arundel County.

We are the go-to commercial roofing contractors in Southern Maryland because of our years of experience, our dedication to high-quality commercial roof repair, and our insistence on putting the needs of our customers first.

Check out all the roofing materials below that we offer for commercial roof replacements, and check out the benefits we provide to our customers. Our work is about honest communication and respect for both our clients and their property. Begin your commercial roofing journey today with the experts at Southern Maryland Roofing in Lusby & Calvert County, MD.

Benefits We Offer at Southern Maryland Commercial Roofing

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  • Free Estimates, so there are no surprises during commercial roofing repairs
  • Financing Options, so you can ensure you have the top materials for your commercial roofing replacement
  • Maintenance Programs, so you can avoid total commercial roofing replacements on your business for years to come
  • Lifetime Warranty Options, so you have peace of mind
  • We are Bonded and Insured, so our quality of work is backed and guaranteed

Commercial Roofing Materials

Know What Will Save You Time And Money With Your Commercial Roof

Southern Maryland Roofing has experience with many different commercial roofing materials and installations in Lusby & Calvert County, MD. We offer a wide variety for you to choose from to get the look, feel, and price you want. Browse our commercial roofing materials below to learn more about what will work best for your commercial roofing replacement and what can save you money!

We offer commercial roofing materials that include tar and gravel; metal; are made of recycled materials; environmentally friendly; and vegetative-friendly. Whatever look, feel, or need you want from your commercial roofing replacement, we have the materials and the crew to make it happen.

There are five major types of commercial roofing materials and below we provide a breakdown of each type and explain the pros and cons of each. Understanding the benefits of each type of commercial roofing material will save you time and possibly thousands of dollars.

  1. Built-Up Roofing Membrane
  2. Metal Roofing
  3. Thermoset Roof Membrane (EPDM)
  4. Thermoplastic Roof Membrane
  5. Green Roofs


Built-Up Roofing Membrane

Built-Up roofing membrane, or more commonly known as BUR, is basically a tar and gravel roofing option for commercial buildings. The most common type of built-up roofing incorporates three layers; bitumen material, ply sheets, and one or more surfacing materials, and most commonly used is gravel.

The bitumen material is layered on the bottom to provide your building with protection and insulation. Bitumen is applied either hot or cold and is also the adhesive for the ply sheets to the roof.

maryland roofing company and Commercial Roofing Materials

Ply sheets are added on top of the bitumen. Ply sheets are typically used to provide a layer of protection for the bitumen and to level out the roof at a slight lean for draining water. On top of the ply sheets, surfacing materials are added. Finally, surfacing materials are typically made up of small stones and gravel.

The surfacing material protects the other two layers from the weather, debris, and sunlight damage. Surfacing material is also used to make the roof easier and safer to walk on, as well as provides a nice uniformed look to the roof.

  • Built-Up roofing provides excellent protection against UV, heat, cold, and is waterproof. Built-Up roofing is one of the oldest types of roofing in America and has been around for more than 100 years. The reason it is still used today is because of how well it protects your building from weather and elements.
  • Built-up roofing is generally low maintenance and has a 30-40 year lifespan if maintained properly. As with all roofs, you should repair any problem immediately, but with built-up roofs, maintenance and repairs are typically few and far between as well as cheaper than other types of roofing.
  • The one real downfall to built-up roofing is the investment in installing the roof. There are cheaper types of roofs to install and built-up roofing can take a bit longer to install since you are layering different materials.
  • If your roof does not have a wall around it and is open to wind then built-up roofing may deteriorate quicker or be susceptible to water damage.
  • Overall, a built-up roof on the right building is a solid investment that can give you peace of mind for many years. Built-up roofing can save you money because of its energy-efficient properties and is easy to maintain.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing can consist of several different materials. The most common types of metal roofing are: Cooper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Tin.

When installing metal roofing you typically need a solid insulating layer of materials for the metal to be installed on.

Then the metal is installed and most roofing companies will finish a metal roof with a protective layer to prevent rust and corrosion.

Commercial Roofing

Overall, metal roofs are a great option that can look amazing on your building. The upfront investment might be more than what you are planning on, but the low maintenance and longevity of the roof make up for the costly materials.

  • The two biggest reasons to get a metal roof are the beautiful look and how durable the roof is. Cosmetically, metal roofs are considered the best looking roofs for businesses. A well-installed metal roof can transfer your business’s curb appeal and give you a signature look.
  • Metal roofs are not just pretty however, they also last a long time. With ceramic finishes and low maintenance costs, metal roofs typically last 50 years or more. That means less money out of your businesses pocket over time if you choose to have a metal roof installed.
  • Metal roofs are also better rated for fires and the new versatile ceramic coating makes metal roofs energy efficient as well. Unlike built-up roofs and wood, roofing metal roofs can help contain and control fires. They also are less likely to cave in during a heavy fire because they are lighter in weight and heat resistant.
  • Metal roofs are one of the most expensive roofing installations for commercial buildings. While it could be argued that, over time, the low maintenance and long life of the roof make it a smart investment, those looking to save money upfront should probably stay away from metal roofs.
  • Metal roofs are also more likely to have rust or corrosion than other types of roofs. There are more effective protective layers for metal roofs, but the fact is metal rusts when left out in the elements and you always run that risk.
  • Metal roofs can also be loud during rain, hail, and windy days. Metal makes noise and no matter how well you insulate the roof, noise will happen.
  • Metal roofs in cold climates can pose a snow risk for your business. When snow builds up on a metal roof it can sometimes slide off and be a hazard for anyone standing below when the snow slides off.

Thermoset Roof Membrane (EPDM)

Thermoset Roof Membrane is commonly referred to as EPDM because of the material it is made out. This type of roofing is a single ply roofing that is made up of recycled rubbers, sawdust, and slate dust. It normally comes in a roll and is rolled across the roof. EPDM is the cheapest type of roofing material and in many cases, costing 1/10th the cost of other roofing options.

The installation is relatively straight forward. The roofing is rolled out and then secured to the roof with either the adhesive or fasteners. There are few seems in the roofing and they can be sealed with either the adhesive or ballasted with stone.

Commercial Roofing
  • The biggest pro to EPDM is the price. At .80 per square feet on average, it’s a tenth of the cost of a built-up roof and almost a quarter of the cost of most metal roofs. Since the installation requires fewer steps the installation, it is also cheaper and faster to instal.
  • An EPDM roof does a decent job at keeping out the elements and even though it is black, it absorbs UV and sunlight well. EPDM roofs are also fairly easy to repair and repairs are cheap.
  • EPDM roofs only last 20 years on average which is one of the shortest commercial roof lifespans. EPDM roofs are also susceptible to tears and since no heat can be used during installation. Seams constantly need to be monitored for leaks.
  • While EPDM roofs do a good job of absorbing UV and sunlight, it does have a tendency to trap and hold heat. This can mean higher electrical bills during the summer months and on warmer days.

Overall, EPDM roofs is a great low-cost option for commercial roof materials. With a fast and easy installation process, EPDM roofs meet a lot of business owners needs for their businesses.

Thermoplastic Roof Membrane

Thermoplastic Roof Membrane is more commonly known as TPO and PCV. TPO is Thermoplastic Polyolefin and PCV is Poly Vinyl Chloride and the difference in the two is what the roof materials are made out of. TPO combines the benefits of EPDM and PCV but cost less than PCV which is why TPO is more popular currently.

TPO roofs are similar to EPDM roofs with two major differences, the first is the materials that TPO roofs are made out of. The process of making thermoplastic polyolefin is taking rubber, ethylene, and propylene to create an environmentally friendly material.

Thermoplastic Roof

The second difference is that TPO is then installed on roofs using the same process as EPDM however the seems can be welded making the material seamless. Being able to use heat on the materials to install TPO is a huge benefit to EPDM since there are no seems and less likely to leak.

  • TPO roofs are relatively new to the market so it is hard to talk about the life expectancy currently but TPO roofs require far less maintenance than EPDM roofs. Since there are no seams and installers are able to hot weld around tricky areas, there are no real weaknesses in the roof.
  • TPO roofs also are designed to be energy efficient, repel UV and heat, and be resistant to dirt, mold, corrosion, and stop bacteria and algae build up.
  • TPO roofs are also one of the most energy efficient which helps save money in both warm and cold months.
  • One real drawback to TPO is that it is still relatively new to the roofing industry. Since it is still in its infancy stages, there are fewer guidelines and manufacturers are still tweaking formulas for optimal performance.
  • The immaturity of the product means it is harder to ensure quality control on some of the TPO products. Make sure you find a reputable roofing company with good material warranties.

Green Roofs

Last but not least, is the green roof. A green roof is becoming more popular in urban areas as a great blend of roofing material and outdoor space. Green roofs have vegetation on top of roofing material to make a yard, garden, or outdoor space.

Most green roofs have a base sealant installed on the roof followed by roofing tiles that have root repellant materials, a drainage system, a light layer of soil/bedding, and then plants. Green roof tiles are designed to keep your current roof safe from roots and to ensure proper drainage.

Green Roofs
  • Green roofs can be gorgeous and provide you and your workers an extra outdoor space. Green roofs provide you with all the benefits that plants typically give like additional oxygen, CO2 filtering, and additional shade for your building.
  • Green roofs also are considered to be the best roofing materials for drainage. Since the plants soak up a lot of water and are on top of a drainage system, green roofs are one of the most effective roofs against mold, water builds up, and water damage.
  • The installation of a green roof is probably the most expensive of all the roofing types. Not only are you installing custom tiles with multiple layers, but you are paying the sealant and plants.
  • Green Roofs also require a ton of maintenance to keep the plants alive. If you are unable to maintain your roof, instead of a gorgeous oasis you have a dead barren land that is hard on the eye.
  • Green roofs provide a great alternative to urban areas for outdoor spaces and help with the environment. If you have the time and budget to install and maintain this type of roof the benefits can be immeasurable.

Commercial Roof Repair and Roof Replacement Service Near You in Lusby, Maryland

No matter the type of commercial roofing materials you want installed on your building, it is important to hire roofing contractors who are experienced with the commercial roofing materials of your choosing.

This is why Southern Maryland Roofing has continued to be a thriving commercial roofing company, because our experts have years of experience with commercial roofing materials and needs. It is our knowledge, honest communication, high-quality products, and commitment to excellence that sets us apart from other commercial roofing companies.

It is important to us to provide crews who specialize in commercial roof repair and understand the demands a business has of its roofing and how this impacts the function and feel of the entire business.

Contact our commercial roofing contractors with any questions you have about the type of roofing material you are considering. We will schedule a free consultation for you with one of our experts today who would be happy to help.

Don’t delay on improving the roof of your business, and provide more secure heating/cooling, insulation, and energy efficiency.

With our five different roofing options providing you varying price points and visual appeals, there is no reason you cannot upgrade your roof and therefore upgrade your business.

Southern Maryland Roofing is here to make all the roofing dreams come true, so talk to us about your wants and we will provide all the solutions to make them happen.


Janet SmithJanet Smith
18:19 20 Sep 22
Albert provided a prompt and very fair estimate for our roof and siding, and found damage the insurance company had not noticed. The work is impeccable. The work crews were polite and professional. You will be hard pressed to find a better, more professional company.
Kristina BellKristina Bell
13:51 03 Dec 21
Mr. Decesaris was responsive and professional from first contact. His quote was over 2k less than our first quote for the exact same product and installation. His team was prompt and efficient, completed in one day. We are very happy with our roof and highly recommend Southern MD Roofing.
Ethel SmithEthel Smith
21:40 27 Nov 20
I compliment Southern Maryland Roofing on its knowledge, professionalism, and caring. I was walked through the entire process of what to expect and when. The workers/employees arrived on time, double-checked their plan, and started to work. They didn't mind me asking questions! They were professional...and nice. The cleanup was meticulous. If you need any roofing work done, I recommend Southern Maryland Roofing.Ethel Smith
Bart EwaltBart Ewalt
01:27 26 Nov 20
Having never replaced an existing roof before, I was very apprehensive and concerned about how it would look, the quality of the installation, and the clean up. I requested 4 estimates and only 2 of the 4 companies sent a site representative. The other quotes were from a software called Eagle View - no one actually came to our home to discuss the replacement details. Of the two representatives that came, only Albert of Southern Maryland Roofing was a company owner. He actually spent about three hours discussing every aspect of different types of roofing, the removal of the old shingles, and the installation of all of the different components of the new roof. His quote was not the lowest or the highest, but was absolutely the best value. He warned me that the removal of the old roof was a messy proposition, and he was right. However, they cleaned up reasonably well every night, and real well when finished. I feel that Albert was very informative, fair, and honest during this 5 day project. He came every morning and evening to ensure that all was well, staying several hours every day. His men worked well together and were a good team. The quality of work met my highest expectations. I have nothing but praise for Albert and his men. I highly recommend Southern Maryland Roofing.
Erin RobertsonErin Robertson
23:25 12 Mar 20
Southern Maryland Roofing went above and beyond our expectations. I initially contacted Albert based on a friend that had told me about his business. He quickly came out and was able to provide me with a proposal for a new roof. At all times Albert was very responsive, and quick to answer all of my questions. He was accommodating and flexible with my husband and I. His company was able to install our new roof quickly, no hassle at all. We are beyond happy with the final product, and are sure to use Albert for any other roof we may ever need. What great customer service! Thank you so much to this great business and to Albert. Highly recommended.

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