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We are the trusted roofing experts in Southern Maryland for commercial roofing, residential roofing, roof replacements, repairs, new roof and more.

Check out some of our most common questions, and feel free to contact us for concerns specific to your next project. With our years of experience and professional roofing experts, we have handled it all and have proven solutions and high-end products for you.

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The installation process and method is dependant on the type of commercial roofing you opt for. Southern MD Roofing offers:

Built-up Roofing Membrane (BUR) – Bitumen material is layered on the bottom of the roof and applied either hot or cold and acts as the adhesive; ply sheets are added on top; surfacing materials made up of small stones/gravel are applied last

Metal – installed over a solid insulating layer of materials

Thermoset Roof Membrane (EPDM) and Thermoplastic Roof Membrane- single ply roofing that is unrolled and secured with adhesives or fasteners

Green Roofs – a base of sealant is installed on the roof followed by roofing tiles that have root repellant materials, a drainage system, a light layer of soil/bedding, and then plants

The best material for your roof is dependant on budget, use, slope, climate, and various other factors.

Commercial Roof options: green roofs are best for drainage and most effective against mold, water build-up, and water damage; Thermoplastic Roof Membrane (TPO) is one of the most energy-efficient options; Thermoset Roof Membrane (EPDM) is the most affordable and easiest to repair; metal roofs have the longest life span; Built-Up Roofing Membrane is long-lasting and low maintenance.

GAF Roofing System is best for residential homes due to quality, durability, and a lifetime warranty. It is also complete with gutters and downspouts for foundation protection all around.

There are a few options, the two most popular being the temporary corrections of applying urethane roof cement to the damaged area or waterproof flashing membrane to the damaged area. Both solutions will need permanently replaced over time. Talk to Southern MD Roofing about the estimated life span for these applications and a permanent replacement option.

You need a new roof if your roof has reached its estimated life span, which varies based on roofing material but is averaged between 10 to 20 years old; shingles or spots of the roof are missing or severely damaged; you are experiencing leaks; there is discoloration in the ceiling or walls in your home or building; you notice sagging within the roof.

Repairing a flat roof depends on the type of damage and the material. The general process is to identify the damaged area, clear away debris, check for other damages, apply roofing cement to the damaged area, lay fiberglass or a patch over the cement, cover fiberglass or patch with another layer of cement, and apply gravel or a final patch to protect from elements. Southern MD Roofing will have the appropriate patch kit based on the material of your roof and the severity of the damage.

A sheet of metal roofing can range from $100 to $700 per square. There are different varieties that affect the price, including standing seam panels, corrugated panels, or flat, ribbed or crimped styles, etc. Talk to Southern MD Roofing about our metal roofing options for an exact estimate for your property.

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