Prevent Structural Damage with Roof WaterproofingRoofs are one of the most vulnerable parts of any property. Since they are exposed to the exteriors, they withstand a lot of damage — be it environmental damage, moss, tree damage, rodents, or other elements.

Noticing damage on your roof just in time, before major leaks occur, can save some additional bucks for you by getting the repairs done on time. If you get your roof inspected regularly, this shouldn’t be a problem.

In case you have recently come across a damaged roof on your property, then calling the roofing experts is the right call. We break down how to identify roof damage so you know when to call roofing experts in Calvert County to help with repairs and roof replacements.

These are the types of roof damage that you should know about and a few signs for how to spot them right on time.

Types of Roof Damage

Before understanding how one can spot roof damage, it is essential to figure out the types of damage that a roof might experience during its lifespan.

Here are a few types of roof damage, characterised by the source of damage:

  • Mechanical Damage: Mechanical damages usually refer to any kind of damage that might be caused due to any human error. Say, any damage that can occur while cleaning the gutters or while shovelling the snow off the roof, etc. Mechanical damages are unprecedented and can occur through human error only.
  • Weather Damage: Since roofs tend to withstand a lot of unpleasant weather, it is a definite reason for your roof to sustain some damage. There are many ways through which a roof might be damaged due to environmental factors. This can include wind, hail or damage through ice too. While not directly related, these damages can lead to the creation of moss on the top of your roof, which can be its own issue.
  • Tree Damage: Trees can lead to damage to your roof. This means that the tree branches can fall onto your roof and damage the roof. If a branch has fallen on your roof, it can damage the roof, and hence it is wise to get it inspected at the soonest if a branch has fallen on your roof.
  • Rodent Damage: Cedar shake roofs and asphalt shingles are more prone to this kind of damage. Squirrels or racoons may chew the roof to get into the attic. This type of damage is usually visible from the ground.

5 Signs of Roof Damage

Poor Quality Shingles Don’t Protect Against Harsh WeatherYour roof goes through a lot during its lifespan. Hence, it is always necessary to get a roof inspection done, way before the issue starts getting an effect inside your home.

However, how can you identify roof damage when you see it? Here are some signs that can help you identify roof damage when you see it.

  • Water leak: When your roof is damaged, water can seep in and leak under the shingles or come in under the flashing. Water leaking into your shingles or roof creates the perfect breeding ground for moulds in your roof. Although the water might not be enough to penetrate through your ceiling or walls, it is enough to weaken the structure of your roof. Water leak damages are hard to notice, and might come into the picture only when you see water droplets accumulating on the ceiling or dropping on the living room floor.Water leakage can also occur through the HVAC systems of your home, apart from environmental factors.
  • Bubbling of wallpapers: Another major sign of roof damage can be the bubbling up of your wallpapers or wall paints. The moisture trapped inside the wall can lead to bubbling up of the surface layer.
  • Saggy ceiling: The ceiling of your room might begin to sag from water too. This kind of damage is noticeable right away and should be inspected from the get-go. In case the weight of the water gets too heavy, it can cause the ceiling to collapse and cause a section of the ceiling to collapse on the floor.
  • Damaged shingles: Damages shingles are once again another sign to get your roof repaired. Repairing your roof if you see a shingle appear cracked, buckling or damaged, these are signs of roof repair. Damaged shingles don’t only affect the aesthetic value of your place, but they can weaken the roof structure drastically, leading to leaks.
  • Gutter damage & rust: A gutter that’s damaged or rusted can lead to water accumulation on your roof. Rusted gutters can also indicate that you’re dealing with a damaged roof.

Conclusion: When to Call Roofing Companies Near You

Roof damage is a common problem that can arise at any property due to normal wear and tear over time.

However, repairing your roofing in time is the correct solution. While taking things into your own hands might seem like the perfect solution, it often isn’t. Therefore, whenever you come across any of these signs, it is always recommended to call in the expert roofers in Calvert County.

Whenever you come across any of these aforementioned signs, it is always better to take a picture of these signs and go to the nearest roofing company. They might be able to assist you better with the root cause of the problem and find the perfect solution.