How Long Your Metal Roof Should LastMetal roofs are the go-to choice for contractors and homeowners alike. Their versatility, style, and durability make them a top choice for commercial, residential, and other projects.

One thing that makes them stand out specifically is that they’re extremely long-lasting in nature. This means that you can get them installed and forget about them for at least a number of years.

Since this is the most well-known advantage of a metal roof currently, many prospective customers tend to ask the question “how long do metal roofs last?”.

Here’s all you need to know about how metal roofs can add value to your roof and can even save you some money in the long run.

How Long Do Metal Roofs Last?

Stressing upon their longevity factor, a metal roof has a decent lifetime, better than what most roofs might have.

An average metal roof, when taken care of effectively, can last anywhere between 40 to 70 years. Materials such as copper, when used for roofs, can last even longer than that.

Due to their longevity, one metal roof can easily outlast around 3 asphalt shingle roofs. Contrary to shingle roofs’ vulnerabilities around environmental pressures such as moisture, metal roofs with just a little maintenance can withstand a long period of time.

It is due to this reason that many homeowners and commercial establishments alike are going for metal roofs instead of asphalt shingles.

Factors That Affect the Life of Your Metal Roof

How Long Your Metal Roof Should LastWhile metal roofs are considered to be long-lasting and durable, there are certain factors that might take a toll on their lives, if not looked into carefully.

1) Maintenance: Metal roofs demand the least maintenance of all the roof materials available. It is due to their low maintenance characteristic, that many individuals tend to prefer it over other materials. Just a thorough inspection once or twice a year can be more than enough to ensure that your metal roof is just fine.

Moreover, their longevity can further be enhanced by remaining vigilant of the debris on your roof, and ensuring the valleys and gutters are free from any unwanted accumulation. Professional metal roofing companies can help create and stick to a metal roof maintenance plan.

2) Installation: A proper installation goes a long way in increasing the lifespan of your metal roof. The metal roof’s proper installation is the best way that you can have it on your roof without any worries. A faulty roof might be more prone to leaks and damage. A proper installation by a professional is the perfect way to increase your metal roof’s lifespan.

3) Weather Conditions: The most detrimental factor that can make or break a roof (of any kind) is the environmental factor. Weather can have a direct impact on how long your roof might last. Areas with lower rainfall or snowfall might have a metal roof that can last longer.

Although, just like any other material, metal roofs can go through regular wear and tear. That is why routine inspections and maintenance checks are necessary for metal roofs too.


Tips to Increase Your Metal Roof’s Lifespan

How Long Your Metal Roof Should LastKeeping metal roofs up to shape isn’t a tough job. However, taking smaller steps can further extend their overall durability and lifespan.

1) Keeping your roof clean: Your roof protects you from a lot of stuff over its lifespan. In this process, the roof ends up accumulating a lot of debris, including leaves, dirt and moss. Leaves can collect on the top of your roof and collect moisture and dirt, leading to rust.

Cleaning the roof once a month can be the thumb rule to ensure that there aren’t any unwanted elements on top of your roof.

2) Inspecting your roof: While a metal roof might be the most durable out of all the available roofing materials, it still requires a degree of maintenance and inspection. Inspecting the roof once a year can help you look at the problems (if any). Getting your roof inspected is most feasible in the spring or fall seasons.

3) Repairing leaks: An unprecedented leak can cause more damage to your metal roof than anything else. These leaks can cause weathering and rust in the roof. Leaks are one of the quickest ways which can cause rust and then eventually damage the roof to the extent of getting a replacement.

4) Painting the roof: Painting a metal roof can be a very good idea to increase its lifespan. Painting a metal roof can increase its lifespan by almost ten years. A fresh layer of paint will prevent the metal roof from rusting and weathering. A good quality paint over a standard spray paint should be applied.

5) Installing Insulation: Every metal roof panel requires insulation underneath. This layer of insulation can protect the metal roof against rust, heat and water damage. The heat in the attic will keep the roof from warping.

Conclusion: Should You Get a Metal Roof?

To conclude, metal roofs are a great solution for homes and businesses. For anyone who’s looking at getting their roof redone, a metal roofing repair or a new metal roof from the scratch can be an amazing alternative.

The only drawback that seems to be there to metal roofs is around that they might corrode early. But, that can be prevented easily if the roof is taken care of properly. As mentioned, metal roofs are known for their longevity out of everything. The premium you pay for them is going to pay off definitely.

Get in touch with a metal roofing expert in Maryland to understand the importance of metal roofs better and how they can sit perfectly well based on your requirements.